Navigating Veterans Day 2023: Are Banks Open or Closed?


As Veterans Day approaches in 2023, individuals across the United States may be wondering about the operational status of banks on this significant national holiday. This article aims to provide clarity on whether banks will be open or closed on Veterans Day and explores alternative banking options for those needing financial services.

Banks and Federal Holidays:

Banks in the United States typically observe federal holidays, adjusting their hours of operation to align with national celebrations. Veterans Day, observed annually on November 11th, is a federal holiday dedicated to honoring military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Bank Closures on Veterans Day:

In line with the tradition of observing federal holidays, many banks choose to close their branches on Veterans Day. This closure extends to various banking services, including in-person transactions, customer service, and certain online services.

Exceptions and Alternatives:

ATM Services: While physical bank branches may be closed, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) usually remain operational. Customers can still access basic services such as cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, and deposits at ATMs.

Online and Mobile Banking: Many banks offer online and mobile banking services that allow customers to manage their accounts, transfer funds, and pay bills remotely. Even if the physical branches are closed, customers can use these digital platforms for essential banking activities.

Customer Service Hotlines: Some banks maintain customer service hotlines that operate even on holidays. Customers can call these hotlines to seek assistance, report issues, or get information about their accounts.

Non-Traditional Banks: Certain non-traditional banking institutions, such as online-only banks or digital financial platforms, may remain fully operational on Veterans Day. Customers who use these services may not experience disruptions in their banking activities.

Military Banking Considerations:

For military personnel and veterans, specific banking considerations may apply. Some financial institutions that specialize in serving the military community may have modified hours or special services available on Veterans Day. It’s advisable for military members to check with their respective banks for information specific to their situations.

Planning Ahead:

To avoid inconveniences, customers are encouraged to plan ahead and be aware of their bank’s schedule for Veterans Day. Checking with the specific bank, reviewing online announcements, or contacting customer service in advance can provide clarity on the availability of services on this holiday.


In summary, while Veterans Day is a federal holiday that prompts many traditional banks to close their branches, there are alternative avenues for banking services. ATMs, online and mobile banking platforms, customer service hotlines, and non-traditional banking options can provide the necessary flexibility for individuals needing financial services on Veterans Day. It is advisable for customers to proactively gather information about their specific bank’s operational status to ensure a smooth banking experience during this national holiday.